Become a Net Zero Business by Tracking, Reducing & Offsetting Your Emissions

Automate and manage your carbon emission & ESG reporting with a single software that can handle all of your sustainability requirements. Embark on a carbon neutral journey with Lowsoot.

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Become a sustainability champion by guiding your business and value chain towards carbon neutrality...


– Map your entire business footprint: From brands to products, divisions to locations, Lowsoot adjusts to the businesses.


– Connect with suppliers: Engage your network and exchange carbon data easily and securely.


– Measure for real: Manage and analyse the complete, up-to-date carbon emission data of any business.


Reduce over time: Set science- based targets, and get help from experts to devise a tightly knit reduction plan.


Contribute smartly to the best carbon removal project from around the world


One Click Report: Release GRI & GHG compliant reports and create engaging content to communicate businesses’s climate action to stakeholders

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