Why Should You Calculate your CO2 Emissions?

Reversing climate change requires everyone to have a basic knowledge of their personal footprint. This will help everyone understand their contribution and how it can be reduced further.

How Does this Work?

01. Calculate Footprint

Find your annual emissions by answering few questions

02. Offset

Invest in a Climate Change Project

03. Create

Lead the community, Win rewards

The Below 3 Lines show you the expected rise in global temperature based on the type of intervention by the governments and individuals

Source : NASA

Nothing Good can happen ​

The Global Temperature Needs to stay below 1.5°C at all cost to avoid

Before Image After Image

Extreme Monsoon in every 10 years that should occur not more than once in a century

Unusual spells of hot weather with higher frequency, covering much larger areas

India would see much higher rises in sea levels due to its closeness to the equator