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In rural India, the demand for improved cooking stoves is critical. Due to unsustainable forest harvesting and depleting forest cover, women must trek further to gather fuelwood for cooking. Open stoves emit copious amounts of smoke and pose negative health risks. This problem requires community-based energy solutions within indigenous groups.


Fund 3500+ Households with this campaign


Share a Smokeless Cookstove with a tribal

by Sachin Sengar

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Godavari Basin, India

Sachin Sengar

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Campaign Story

With this project, 109 villages and 3750 households will be provided with SARALA stoves, an innovative solution to energy-efficient cooking. These stoves bundle cooking heat as a self-contained system, and consequently less wood needs to be burned. SARALA stoves conserve 25%-30% of biofuels as compared to open cooking and produce less smoke than open stoves. In addition to simply providing stoves, this project involves training women and youth to maintain the stoves.



The objective of this cook-stove project is to reduce fuel wood demand and improve the health of indigenous communities. The holistic approach implemented in this project combines climate protection, pro-poor growth and improved community health.


Features of Cookstove



  • ‣ Can burn a variety of biomass fuels
  • ‣ Smoke-free working environment
  • ‣ Use of mould for on-site stove construction with consistent dimensions that provide consistent performance.
  • ‣ Durable with minimal maintenance
  • ‣ Compact, with a low space requirement (Therefore, suitable even for small kitchens)
  • ‣ Easy to install and operate, no deviation in cooking practice
  • ‣ Conserves at least 25% – 30% of biofuels as compared to open cooking



More than 11000 cookstoves have been built across 2 districts of East Godavari and Visakhapatnam in LAYA’s working area. As many as 11000 families/women benefit from the system where social benefits relate to :



Social, Economic & Environmental Impact


  • ‣ Saves time
  • ‣ Faster cooking as the cookstoves are more efficient
  • ‣ Less drudgery in collecting wood
  • ‣ Far less smoke in their homes
  • ‣ Easier to wash the utensils as they have less soot now
  • ‣ Saves cooking time as there are two burners as well as the improved efficiency
  • ‣ Improved health conditions (coughs /throat infections reduced)
  • ‣ More time spent in the agricultural fields
  • ‣ More collection of non-timber forest produce
  • ‣ Low carbon technology
  • ‣ Reduced emissions


Project Benefits




  • ‣ Energy-efficient cooking methods will reduce 17.329 t of CO2 emissions in about 5 year’s time (2012-16)
  • ‣ Supports sustainable forests by decreasing fuelwood consumption
  • ‣ Health benefits (reduced smoke production decreases eye irritation)
  • ‣ Improved air quality
  • ‣ Empowerment of women
  • ‣ Pro-poor growth: additional employment and an improved income situation
  • ‣ Local partner organizations recognized and benefited (demonstrate a capacity to manage a comparatively large project)





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