Different Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day

Environment Day

Taking care of the environment is not simply a question of a day, but rather a responsibility that must be carried out by all of us throughout the year. This world is our home. So, it is our responsibility to look after it and make it a worthwhile place to live for everyone.


In 1972, the United Nations General Assembly determined that action should be taken to ensure a harmony between the ecosystem and human activity. Two years later, on June 5, 1974, the first World Environment Day was celebrated, and every year since then, all countries throughout the world have commemorated this day with the goal of improving the environment by combating the ever increasing challenges such as deforestation, climate change, pollution, extinction of species, etc. This day aims to remind people of the significance of protecting our planet for the sake of all creatures, including human beings.


While all people are affected by environmental challenges, not everyone is conscious enough to take action. The purpose of World Environment Day is to raise public awareness about the environment and the significance of maintaining it. Keeping in mind the different problems the environment of our planet is facing nowadays, every year, the theme of World Environment Day becomes different.


What role can you play to save the environment of our planet?


You might have wondered, “What can I do on my own to save the environment?” Thousands of individuals, just like you, are thinking the same thing, but no one is taking action because of the uncertainty and hesitancy. However, you alone have the ability to initiate, and many will soon follow you.


There is no such thing as a tiny step, and each contribution is significant in its own right. While protection of the environment isn’t something to put off until June 5, it’s a good idea to start immediately and make a commitment to do what you can to ensure a sustainable future. Let us discuss a few tips that can help you to start taking immediate environmental actions. You can do those things on World Environment Day also.


Arrange a cleaning drive: This is a simple thing to accomplish! Many of you have planned parties in the past; this time, plan a cleaning drive. To participate in this act, invite your family members, friends, neighbours, office colleagues, and other acquaintances. Gather in your locality or a local market place to clean up the region. Pick up plastic bags and bottles and place them in trash cans, and ask everyone to stop using products made with non-biodegradable materials. Tell everyone to reduce wasting paper too, because paper is produced by chopping down trees.


Organize a tree plantation program: It may seem strange to celebrate people’s birthdays with tree plantations, but Bhutan, a small Asian country in the Himalayan foothills, does just that! When a kid is born, his or her parents plant trees to commemorate the occasion. Plants allow us to breathe, so it is our responsibility to protect them. When you’re in the mood for a party, plant a few trees and encourage your friends to do the same. A greener environment will make a person feel better and give you more energy. You can also organize activities in collaboration with your local school, where you can teach the children about the importance of the environment and plant trees together.


Organize a picnic amidst nature: Plan a hike or a picnic in the woods: Being in the wilderness is the best way to appreciate the value of nature. For most people who live in cities, the joy of being in nature is an uncommon occurrence. Plan a trip via a forest trail or a picnic in a nature park, where you can spend some quality time away from the automobiles. Feel the love, practice some meditation, eat your meals outside under the stars, and let the fresh air fill your lungs. This tour will undoubtedly raise your awareness and motivate you to improve the natural environment in which you live.


Join a marine conservation project: The oceans are influenced in the same way that the land is. It may come as a shock to learn that many of the reefs are dying as a result of global warming, and many creatures living under the ocean are becoming extinct. If you want, you can volunteer at a marine conservation or turtle preservation project to help save the lives of those who live in the ocean.

What Should I do Now?

1. Calculate your Carbon Footprint if you haven’t

2. Fund Projects that interest you and Erase your Carbon Footprint

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