Adopt 3 Mangroves for your Family

in the sundarbans of India

Plant 3 Trees on behalf of your family

3 Mangrove trees erase 9000 KGs of GHG every year

₹ 499 / Months

No Credit Card Required

The Impact

100,000 trees have already been planted in Radhanagar, Taranagar, Rajapur, Hemnagar and a lot more villages. These trees cumulatively erase 13.5 lakh tonnes of CO2 each year.

Removes Greenhouse Gases

Mangroves are our allies in the fight against climate change. Each mangrove sucks greenhouse gases equivalent to what a person produces

Fastest Growing Tree

Mangroves are also great because they grow quickly. Mangrove on an average take 30 years to grow, while any other tree would take at least 50

Helps Local Communities

Mangroves also help the local communities with economic benefits. Supporting one tree also ensures supporting a member of these communities

Frequently Asked Questions

Lowsoot Climate Solutions is an organisation on a mission to reverse climate change by 2050. 

Planting any tree would not work. Period! 


a. They take too long to fully grow.

b. They do not erase enough greenhouse gases!

A mangrove tree is the opposite of this. It grows quickly and erases tonnes of greenhouse gases. 

Yes! A mangrove tree requires a lot of care every month for it to fully grow in the next 30 years! 

This is why we have created a subscription model where you can maintain a tree at 30% value of a single zomato/swiggy order. 

Yes! You can cancel your order anytime and we will start finding a different parent for the tree as soon as we can. Meanwhile, you can transfer the tree to a friend, family or colleague!  

Taxes : As a private entity we pay 18% of the amount as GST.

Plantation: The first time a tree is planted 

Maintenance: Trees are regularly kept in good health 

Outreach : Spreading the word around 

Support : Helping you get every detail about your tree! 

This project is verified by Gold standard which sets the standard for climate and development interventions to quantify, certify and maximise their impact. 

Our initiatives have also gotten various media coverage from reputed houses : 

Adopt 3 Mangrove Trees for your family

₹ 499 / Month

No Credit Card Required

3 Mangrove trees erase 9000 KGs of GHG every year