How Do Replacing Old Windows Get You to Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint


Most of the homes, even today, have the traditional single-pane windows installed at their opening vents. These windows don’t let the temperature inside the home remain moderate and balanced for long. It leads to excessive use of energy which has a direct impact on power resources. This has a long-drawn impact on the dwellings that are located in extreme climate zones.


When this combines with the non-renewable source of energy that is sourced through fossil fuels, it leaves the most drastic effect on the environment.


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When you choose to adopt smart or sustainable alternatives to cover your vents, you make a wiser choice that leads to more savings, both in terms of energy resources and cost. Smart windows are designed to keep the internal temperature regulated. This makes you use your cooling, refrigerating, and heating equipment to certain limits, thus leading to less utilization of energy.


If you look at the larger picture, energy-efficient windows and doors save up to 25 to 30 percent of heating or cooling for homes. As per an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report, an average home in the US can save up to around $100 to $600 a year by replacing single-pane windows with energy-sensitive ones.


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This is also quite a big domestic contribution towards the health of the environmental surroundings as it saves up to 1000-6000 pounds of Greenhouse gas release and has a great role in reducing carbon footprint.


carbon footprint


If you are going for new construction, you have a genuine chance to install sustainable windows. But, even if it is an old construction, you should consider replacing your existing windows with new technology that is more efficient against energy consumption.


This is going to save a lot on cost in the long run and help you take a conscious step towards protecting the environment against climate change. Most importantly, it will help you erase your carbon footprint with great margins and get you to join the league of the aware and progressive households that have a perceptible role in making this planet a better place to live.


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