Climate Friendly Tech

Transition from Fossil Fuels to a Low Carbon Tech by investing in concepts working towards a Carbon Neutral World

Fund Practical Climate Friendly Technologies

The World is slowly transitioning from being entirely run on fossil fuels to finding a sustainable energy source. But as consumers our transition will not be practical till the technology to use these sustainable energy sources improves. Fund E-Bikes, Smart Meters, Solar Rooftops & a lot more upcoming climate friendly tech.

Where are the Projects Located?

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These Project are currently being executed in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai

Several Gigafactories are being setup as we speak in Over 8 States around the Country

Our Partner In This Project

EbikeGo is a Registered Brand Working to make electric bikes the go to vehicle for every Indian.

EBikeGo has successfully made over 20 Strategic Delivery Partnerships enabling consumers to save their personal carbon emissions while delivering their desired products.

How does this work?

Estimate Breakdown of Every Fund That is invested in this project. (The Final Audit also helps us improve this estimate regularly)

You are sent regular updates of each of these steps and a dedicated channel for questions & project related queries.


Tonnes of Carbon Reduced via EBIKE DELIVERIES ALREADY!


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