Eco Villages

Achieve low-cost & low-carbon development in villages while promoting agro forestry

FUnd a low-carbon
Eco Friendly communITY

Villages with technologies like small, household-sized biogas plants, improved smokeless stoves, solar-energy technology, improved water mills to generate electric power, stand-alone systems like micro-hydro power for rural electrification, and solar-powered drying units, can do wonders for these communities and the environment as well.

Where are the Projects Located?

This project is currently being implemented around South Asia and has a presence in 4 Major Countries including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. This project also is cited as "Evidence-based advocacy for low–carbon, pro-poor sustainable Eco-Village Development in South Asia".

How does this work?

Estimate Breakdown of Every Fund That is invested in this project. (The Final Audit also helps us improve this estimate regularly)

1. You Fund
You Choose to Fund this Project
2. We Plan
We Create a Plan to execute your fund.
3. We Partner
We Partner up with INSEDA and take it to these communities
4. We Audit
We Audit the status and the impact of your fund.
5. You Erase
Your Carbon Footprint is successfully erased

You are sent regular updates of each of these steps and a dedicated channel for questions & project related queries.

Our Partner In This Project

Our Valuable Partner on this project, INSEDA, is a registered society, with more than 30 Indian NGOs as its members, associate members & sister organisations. INSEDA operates Pan-India; as well as South Asia and other developing countries through the network of NGO members of INFORSE (International Network of Sustainable Energy)


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Fund a Household

499 / House
  • Dedicated Support
  • 1 Report Every Month
  • 400 KG Carbon Offset

Fund a Village

3999 / Village
  • Dedicated Support
  • 15 Reports Annually
  • 4000 KGs Carbon Offset
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109 villages and 3750 households will be provided with Smokeless Eco Friendly stoves.

We have already Raised

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