Every year 51 billion tonnes of Greenhouse Gasses

are emitted due to human activities...

At this rate We'll hit a
Climate Catastrophe by 2050

To avoid a climate catastrophe, we need to get to net-ZERO emissions by 2050

“NET-ZERO means all CO2 emissions done by humans should be erased from the atmosphere”

We only have about 7000 days in hand (the clock is ticking)

"Net zero will be most challenging thing humanity has ever done"
- Bill Gates

Our Vision & Team

Lowsoot is driven to take the world to carbon neutrality by 2050.

We envision a world where everyone including individuals & organisation are operating carbon neutrally i.e. all entities are erasing their carbon footprint by adopting sustainable practices and paying by erasing their unavoidable carbon footprint.



We envision a world where everyone where’s the badge of #CarbonNeutrality with pride.

Dr. RK Kotnala

Principal Advisor (Distinguished Scientist)


Chief Executive Officer

Akshay Jaggi

Chief Technical Office




Sales Manager